Come on time or don't come at all!!

Stevie • Just tested on 5/8 and I got my BFP. I`m preggo with my first !!!!
I just became very active with this app. I had taken ovulation tests for a while but never got a positive so I just would give up. The past couple months my period is late ab 3-5 days & it devastates me when it comes.
​Now I track my physical symptoms, BBT & check my CM with this app & helped me really analyze my data. Maybe I nev tested positive bc I gave up too early. Determined I ovulate on day 20 of my cycle. Nev tested that long in past. I finally got an ovulation smiley yest & tried again today to be sure. Smiley both days! Me & hubby tried to make a baby yest & today. I really hope this is my month. Period supposed to start march 14. This 2 week window is gonna kill me. My wedding anniv is March 18. & I would love noth more than to be late & test on my anniv & get this amazing news!!! 
​Sorry for the long post- this was my first time sharing anything bc I'm too depressed to share. This app has really helped me & I really hope this is finally my month. 
​Best of luck to everyone!!!