I hate my body

So ever since I came off the pill in May 2012 I have had a regular 30 day cycle , the one time I was 5 days late I was sure I must be pregnant because  was always like clockwork. If I ever did spot it was maybe 1-2 days prior to AF, which my dr said was normal. However, 2 months ago I started spotting 4 days before AF, last month 6 days before then this month judging by glow and ewcm I ovulated between day 15 and 17 and started spotting day 19 and am now day 24 and still going. It went from pink-brown-red that was heavier than spotting but not a period and back to brown lighter than the red day but still more than spotting. 
​I am so glad I go to the fertility specialist next week because this is driving me crazy. 
​Do u think I probably have low progesterone?