So frustrated ..

Brittany • Mother to my little man . Wife to his wonderful daddy . 19 .
Im 7 dpo . And been having cramps on and off today but now its more like a dull ache in my side . I had this with baby number one (I thought I had a kidney stone ) went to the doctor to find out it was just a baby . But it was so bad it woke me out of my sleep . I'm not hurting that bad but with my first it lasted a few days . My boobs are sorta sensitive . I think with my first pregnancy I was further along before I noticed anything I just thought AF was coming . My hubby wanted me to make him a milk shake tonight and to my surprise the smell of the ice cream made me sick .. I don't know what to think ?? Why would I be having cramps at 7dpo unless it was implantation . I was having a lot of watery cm but not so much today . Praying for the best but expecting the worse . When should I test ???