Pressure ???

Brittany • Mother to my little man . Wife to his wonderful daddy . 19 .
Did anyone experience pressure really early , in lower abdominal area ?? I'm TTC baby number two .. And I think this is my month . My 7dpo .. I know that's really early to be feeling pressure .. At least so I thought . I think implantation had already occurred but I'm waiting until day 14 to test just so it's not a guessing game , I don't wanna get my hopes up . But i had cramping on and off for two days and now a lot of pressure like I have a 39 weeks baby in my pelvis ?? With number one I had awful implantation cramps that would wake me in my sleep . That was just a little over a year ago but I've forgotten the army symptoms . So has anyone else had pressure around the time or a little free implantation ??