Could it really be ?

Brittany • Mother to my little man . Wife to his wonderful daddy . 19 .
Me and my husband started trying February 6th . I have irregular periods . So glow was off on my ovulation . I thought I ovulated on the 17th but bec I was anxious and wanted to pee on something I started using opks and I had a positive last week . Tuseday I woke up with a pinching pain in my side , and had milky discharge , now I'm still having a lot of milky cm . Cramping on and off , I had a lot of pressure in my pelvis early which I thought was odd . Not sure if there's much of a difference in my boobs bec I'm currently bf . But the veins seem more noticeable . And now I'm just exhausted . I'm really hoping for a bfp . Waiting to test next Friday if AF doesn't show :)))