Secret way to conceive a Boy?

Hello girls, just want to hear your opinion if you know or heard any way to conceive a specific gender. I was reading about Shettles theory, he says 
​that in order to conceive a boy there are several factors such as:  intercourse should be as close to ovulation as possible, to take advantage of the speed of Y-bearing sperm, plus deep penetration (so sperm can reach cervix faster., plus woman should have orgasm shortly after a man does.  But Dr Elizabeth Whelan introduced theory is which is absolutely controversial she says that if you want to conceive a boy you should have intercourse 5-6 days before your ovulation temperature rising and if you want a girl 2-3 days prior ovulation. It's not a disaster for me, this gender preference, but I found it pretty interesting if we really have a chance to affect on preffered gender.  Anyways will be happy to hear any comments!