How Glow Helped Me Get My Groove Back

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Once upon a time, looking at a linoleum floor made my husband want to have sex with me. We were young. He was virile. We were like bunnies in heat. We christened every surface of our tiny apartment. Two, three, five times a day on a lazy winter weekend. He could not keep his hands off of me. Nor did I want him to.

And then, we started trying to conceive a child. And within a few unsuccessful months, something about having to have sex brought the fun to a full stop.

Now I peed on sticks and sent him texts to rush home because I was ‘ovulating’. Now I nudged him reluctantly awake in the morning to get in a morning romp to seal off our fertile window. Now, I no longer wanted him, or the sex, just that sticky white stuff that only he could give me.

And for the first time, he had a “performance” issue. He felt bad. I felt bad. He lashed out. I yelled back. Ugh!

Miserable, I started to think that there had to be a better way. And then, ta da – Glow! I downloaded the app during my fertile window – and here was my first task:

“Go on a date night with the promise that there will be no fooling around. Try and make your partner break that promise.”

Ha! Date night was sushi. Followed by a movie. I kept accidentally brushing into sensitive areas while reaching for food, for drinks, for my coat. On the cab ride home, I sat on his lap, and nuzzled his neck. Suffice to say by the time we got home, we barely made it out of the elevator. Hope they never check THAT security feed.

The next day, my instructions were tamer:

“Compliment your partner in bed”

Okay. So that night, as we snuggled in….

“Have I ever told you how sexy I find your hands?”

“My hands???”

“Yes! No, I am not kidding. They are so manly. Can hands be manly? Well, anyway, I could pick them up in a ten men line-up. Blind.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah – if ten different men felt me up, I would totally be able to pick out which hands were yours…”

“Oh, really?”

….and we are off to the races.

You know, I think Glow might be on to something.

Third night. Third task:

“May we suggest that you search YouTube for ‘Best Movie Kisses’ and then try and reenact them”

Did you know that searching ‘Best Movie Kisses’ on youtube yields 532,000 results? That’s a little daunting. Nonetheless, I tackle my project with single-minded determination. Somewhere between Darcy and Elizabeth’s sun-drenched lip-lock and Julia Roberts standing in front of a boy, I feel a tap on my shoulder.

“What are you watching?”

“Uh, nothing. Just some stuff on youtube.” I click play. We watch in silence. We watch together. I feel his hands gently start to give me a back-rub.

A few minutes later…

“So, yeah, you wanna come to bed?”