fearful of second ectopic pregnancy

almost two years ago I had an ectopic pregnacy. emergency surgery and my right tube removed. I was left with scarring on my left tube and my doctor also mentioned my left tube is narrow which could make it a little harder for me to fall pregnant. well here I am almost two years later & suspect I'm having another ectopic pregnancy. My period started march 2/3 & has yet to end. Although the past two days the blood is very light & only when I wipe. I was out eating yesterday & threw up immediately after my meal. & spent the test of the day feeling nauseous. I'd love to be pregnant & can't help but to get excited at the thought that I could be. But I'm having some of the same symptoms I had with my first ectopic. I'll go in tomorrow to have my blood texted for hcg levels. I can only pray til then