Confused about cycle

M • Lost my baby
So I had spotting on 8th but it was like very less and the doctor told me that I count as my period only when there's actual flow. So on 9th there was a little more than on 8th so I thought that was it, but there is no flow just heavy spotting. I was on progesterone to jumpstart my period and I'm supposed to go on clomid on CD5. I called my doctor n asked she says the day I have my spotting is CD1. Now I'm just confused. I do not know when to start my clomid
​Last cycle, for a week I didn't have a flow but then it was so severe that I was suggested to take a pill to reduce the flow. How should I determine my ovulation day?
​Is it safe to do BD when I have a bleeding? Do I ovulate when I have a bleeding? 
​Someone please help me! Is anyone having the same confusion as I am?