Can anyone help? x

Vickie • 20, been with my Fiancè 2 and a half years, TTC #1 !
Hi everyone, i am wondering if any of you can help. Im 20 yrs old and basically i came off the contraceptive pill last July because i wanted to become pregnant. But since then i have only had 3 periods which were irregular and my last period was now 4  months ago in November. I have had blood tests done for all possible reasons for my periods no longer coming and all of the tests came back normal, they just put it down to me being stressed.. But its really getting me and my partner down now, it seems like everyone around us is becoming pregnant which makes us feel worse. We feel like there is no hope anymore because im not having a period which means im obviously not ovulating. I feel so upset and stressed out, i feel like im letting my partner down in a way because i cant get pregnant. I have been told that if nothing has happened by July this year then the doctors can refer me to a clinic where they will run further tests or give me ovulation pills to help. But i just dont feel like i can go another 4 months feeling the way i do. Is there anyone else in the same boat as me? Or does anyone have any suggestions on anything that would highen my chances of getting pregnant or any tips on how to stop being stressed out? Thank you x