Funny things that happen while BD

emily • TTC #1 for 2 years. Ivf mmc in May : (. FET bfp in nov : ). Married to my wonderful husband 4 years : )
To add a little humor, I thought I'd add this topic....  TMI allowed?
​Last night was one of our "important"days, so we totally tried to set the mood etc.   in the middle of things I glanced to the left and one of our dogs was sitting next to me with dh's boxers on her head with her nose poking  out of the slit in the middle- she seemed quite distressed but interested in what we were up to...  Our other pup was investigating the situation mostly wagging her tail and staring at us like a creep!!!
​I tried to keep it together, but we were both hysterically laughing and it took a lot to finish. 
​This is tied with the time I tooted during sex and tried to blame it on the creeky bed!!!