So scared for another mc!

Today I got my bfp, even though I tested a little early (12dpo) af was due the 24th or 25th according to glow. This was my first month ttc since my mc in June so I'm very nervous this time around but I'm trying not to stress as much as possibly! Anyways the only signs I really got was my veins became more vivid so did my dreams lol one thing that didn't happen my last bfp was that I had a 2 dreams I got a positive test. I had one bad breakout on my face right after ovulation. CRAMPS! Like af was going to come early so I thought I was defiantly out this month. Boobs are very tender now and started on the sides going to my armpits. Bloating bloating and more bloating. Can't sleep on my stomach because it's so uncomfortable. One thing I did do differently is checked my bbt every morning about the same time and cervical mucus because they usually let you know when ovulation is about to occur :)<3 baby dust to you all ladies & please pray I have a sticky bean this time!