My cm and pregnant??

Okay so I had a baby on Xmas eve. He is three months one day old. My husband and I are trying not to get pregnant again until we are in our own place. So we use condoms now and when we don't have one he pulls out. I have tried going by these glow guidelines and we hardly ever have time anymore to be intimate anyways. Well my last period was lighter and shorter than usual and now im experiencing nausea, and my stomach has been bothering me and my back especially if I hold the baby or walk for longer periods of time. If I sit him on my stomach while I play with hints okay if he's up higher but down lower i get sick and it hurts to sit him there . Also I've noticed that i have a lot of discharge. It's clear and. White kind of like cum. It just randomly comes out and it soaks my panties! It doesn't smell bad or anything but im starting to wonder if maybe im pregnant and these may be symptoms? I haven't missed a period yet so im not sure but did anyone else experience this and find out they are pregnant?