Low hcg? First beta was 17..?

Erika • 💙5.12.15, expecting #2 💙 12.7.18
So I got my first super faint bfp Sunday 3/23 on an Answer hpt. I think as of today I am 14dpo. I have had a blighted ovum a couple years ago and a chemical pregnancy 6 months ago so naturally I am very nervous about this pregnancy. I had my beta hcg ran today and my level is only 17. Has anyone had a positive experience with a low hcg level starting out? I'm not really having any cramping and I haven't had any spotting at all. I've been taking a FRER pregnancy test every morning and they are a little darker every day so I don't understand...? I'm having labs redrawn Saturday but until then I think I could just die I'm so nervous. :(