Day 2 no af crossing my fingers!!!

So I have a question I figure I'll wait until sun to test if af still isn't here, I really don't want it to be it too come up neg if it's really pos and if I know my body something was diff last sat and sun I had cramps they weren't horrible just diff very diff not like af is coming it was more on my
​Left side and it was on and off all weekend it felt so weird like weird cramps and twitching if that makes sense I feel it must have been implantation anyone have the same thing? I also can't stop burping I NEVER burp!!!! I can smell everything well aside from this morning I'm for some reason all stuffed up when I blow blood weird!!!! my nose has been running lately all the time  so this is new I don't feel sick!! I'm very emotional and my boobs are def getting fuller they feel heavy there are some more weird things like not really able to eat much of anything I just feel too full, I'm very bloated having a hard timing going #2 sorry tmi and I have been peeing constantly the past three days this is weird too dogs and cat are so protective it's crazy my husband can't hug me without the make dog going insane!!! They  all want to lay on my stomach. I really hope I don't want this so bad it's on my head it just can't be too many signs what do you think waiting till sun I heard a wk after implantation is best for the hormone to show