Short cycles - any thoughts or experiences?

Dee • 42, happy mother of a lovely boy through ICSI on 3rd round. TTC #2 since June 17
Hey Girls, 
as a teenager I had very irregular cycles - sometimes lasting six weeks sometimes only three. Since it disturbed my daily life a lot the doctor put me on a strong pill for the longest time. When I started university I change the doctor. The new one thought it strange to put a young girl on one of the strongest pills without even trying any other before that. We therefore tried a light one and cause I was bleeding in between cycles she gave me another one that worked for me. 
Of course I had regular cycles while taking the pill. Now that we're trying to have a baby I started tracking my cycles on several apps, realizing that my cycles now have a tendency to become shorter: I started off with 28 days which is perfect I'd say, but then it went down to 25 and now I sometimes have a cycle with only 22 days. 
​I read somewhere that women who drink a lot of alcohol tend to have shorter cycles but that is definitely not the case with me - I barely drink any alcohol especially not since we're trying to conceive. 
​Does anyone have any thoughts on this? 
Generally I'd say lucky me cause this way I have more chances to get pregnant over all, but then again I believe anything that is not 'normal' is probably not a good thing.