BFP after a long cycle!

I have my first postpartum AF on February 5th after nine months of waiting for it to show! I had been ready to start trying for baby number two at six months postpartum so the wait was killing me. After having my period 28 days went by, then 40, and nothing! No period, no BFP! I assumed, being such a long cycle it was sure to be annovulatory. I had documented fertile CM in Glow around CD 38-41 but didn't pay too much attention to it until Glow projected that to be my fertile period. However I had gotten fertile CM before without ovulation so I wasn't too hopeful. Nonetheless, my husband and I only  BD'd once early during my fertile period on a day that gave me 11% chance of conceiving. (He worked out of town that week) Around CD 45, I noticed really thick, white, stringy, CM. I kept noticing it for a few days as it was quite abundant and unlike any CN I had ever seen before. I had also had some twinges on my left side so I thought I would take a cheapie test. Sure enough, 2 lines showed on CD 50. I of course took 2 more tests, one cheapie, one FRER and second lines showed up on them too! Beyond excited. Feeling very blessed! Praying this baby sticks as I've heard some sad stories about long cycles and miscarriages. A big thank you to glow and the glow community. :-)