Weeeird cycle.. Insights appreciated please!

My husband and I have been TTC since last April, although at that time it was just if it happened, it happened. We wouldn't really be mad about it! When it still didn't happen, we started to actively try (logging each period, tracking BBT, checking CM and cervical position, ect.) around November of last year. It's been a long drawn out process! I just started to use Glow about two months ago, and I had my last normal period on the 20th of February, lasting for about 5 days. I normally have about a 32 day cycle, but then on the 8th of March, around the time of my normal ovulation, I had yet another period, lasting again for about 5 days although it was extremely light. It was extremely weird! One of my closest friends knows that we are TTC, and I talked to her about it. She said a few months ago, she had a similar issue but then got her period 2 weeks after the random one at the same time she normally would have gotten her period. Here I am, three and a half weeks later going on 42 days since my last normal period, still awaiting AF, and no sign of her arrival. I have not taken a pregnancy test yet, just because of how awkward last months cycle was. I was going to wait until the 10th of this month or so when the time of my normal cycle had elapsed (since my random period). I didn't know if anyone had any insight on this? Or if you have had similar issues? Should I go ahead and take the test? Or should I wait until the 10th? Help!