This is a little weird situation.

I'm 18, he's 38. I'm 130 pounds, he's 350+. It gets weirder. His wife, my ex babysitter and my older sister's best friend, is who I'm living with. She's 28. They're pretty much in an open relationship, he talks to her about him going and having sex with other women, and he tells her she can do the same. But because of meds she's got an extremely low libido and they haven't had sex in over a year. At first I took me and him hooking up as a way for him to "get his rocks off", but he actually asked me to be his girlfriend and that's what he calls me. His wife obviously knows nothing, she goes to bed at 9 so after that we fool around and usually have sex.
​We don't use condoms or pull out. He told me he's had sex with over 3000 women and only had one kid, so he figures he can't get me pregnant. So basically.. What do you guys think? I'm just really confused I guess.