Sleeping problems help?

catsi • 19. pro-choice, pro-love.
ever since i've gotten home schooled about a year and a half ago i haven't been able to sleep at a normal schedule. the problem is that i sleep all day in the afternoon and im awake all night. sometimes i won't get to sleep until 6am. and if im lucky being busy the next day, the latest i'd fall asleep is around 1am. and even so, i still wake up around 4 in the morning. it's like i can never get a full nights rest no matter how hard i try. i've tried setting alarms but i just sleep through them. it's really effecting my school ethic. i started going to the gym and taking a hot showers after to get me sleepy enough to help get me put back on track.. I've even tried taking cold medicine but that only made me dizzy and headachey. nothing seems to work. im considering sleeping pills.. advil PM for example. any advice on that? what should i do?