Sudden Pain During Sex??


I misscarried on August 6th, 2014

Got my period on August 17th, 2014

Followed my ovulation and fertility days as glow suggested.

Everything has been normal besides the last four days I have noticed more fuller breasts and my nipples are more sensitive and are constantly hard.

I also have been experiencing nausea.. almost like car sickness with an increase of smell.

My lower stomach has almost like an aching feeling to it that you feel after working out.

But last night and today when I was having intercourse with my husband. It felt like he was hitting my cervix?? Like a sharp stabbing feeling when it never has been like this before? Then the pain continued to stay and it was hard for me to get out of bed and walk around.

I also been having heavy white creamy CM for the last two days?

What could this mean?