Career question

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Hi ladies. I wonder if any of you are having similar dilemmas...would love your thoughts.

I'm a director at a large online retail company you all shop at probably weekly. Pretty high up, ambitious etc. I have been head hunted for a few very interesting job opps including a couple promising startups that would require a lot of work and commitment. Im not afraid of the work load in fact I'm really excited to jump in and make a difference. However I am rather worried about applying and getting a new job whilst also planning for a baby. I am not pregnant but hope to be in the next 6-8 months. I'm feeling hesitant to officially apply for these roles because what if I start and then a few months later need to be out on maternity leave? Will they silently punish me for it? Will I feel pressure to rush back to work? At the start ups, if im out for months, it would really leave them in a lurch. Is it wrong to look for something new while also TTC? I'm not sure i am articulating this well but if you know what I mean, would appreciate your thoughts and or advice!