Has anyone had a successful pregnancy after blighted ovum?

Hi everyone, was just wondering if anyone has any experience or thoughts on this subject. I found out I was pregnant last march. I had many symptoms of pregnancy (swollen breasts,frequent urination,fatigue etc). I went in for my first ultrasound at 7w3d sooo excited. The doctor said she could see an "irregular looking" gestational sack but no fetal pole/hb. I was devastated. Such an awful way to find out when I was so excited to see my baby that there is nothing there. She drew my hcg level and had me do another blood draw in 3 days as well as scheduled me for an additional US in 1 week. My hcg came back close to 75,000 then in 3 days it went up to 76,000 no where near doubling like it should be doing. When I went back for the us I was almost 9 weeks. We still saw nothing so it was confirmed to be a blighted ovum. I had a d&c at week 11. It took almost 9 weeks for my cycle to return after that. I waited one cycle and then we tried again. We got pregnant on our first try and I am currently 5w2d. I have an early scan at 6w exactly and I am sooo beyond nervous. I can't sleep at night. I google incessantly, I keep taking pregnancy tests to see if the line is getting darker(which it is a bit). I'm also a bit worried I also don't have any symptoms this time around which is weird. Last time I felt lots of symptoms, but then again it wasn't a viable pregnancy so I don't know what to think. I'm also worried that 6 weeks is a bit too early to see much but the waiting is killing me. Does anyone have a similar experience? I'm just trying to make it a few more days till I find out and it's so hard. Any encouraging stories about successful pregnancies after blighted ovums? This was my first pregnancy by the way. Thanks!!