Back to back pregnancies?

My backstory: Currently have a 2 year old son, began TTC in July for baby #2, received my BFP, miscarried at 7 weeks. Doctor told me there are no studies proving that waiting 1-2+ cycles is necessary. Began TTC immediately after miscarriage, received BFP and once again miscarried, this time at 5 weeks. Unsure of reasons why I miscarried. 
Here's my struggle...since I work in a school district I'm TTC & plan so the baby will be born in late spring/early summer. Well, I'm just getting over my 2nd consecutive miscarriage and have just one shot left in order for a late June/early July baby. Clearly the educated answer to my predicament would be to wait for my body to recover (and give it at least 1-2 cycles to get back on track) but part of me wants to give it one last shot to see what happens (am I being selfish? Maybe a little. I won't deny that)...I know what I have to lose...?
​Thoughts? Opinions? Success stories?
​Thank you! ?