4 days late

tiamaria • 27 years old. Married, trying to conceive. Miscarried in June. Hoping after this cycle we get pregnant!
 Im nervous to take a test. I miscarried in june they put me on progeterone, in august. I got my period the 21-25. According to glow i was suppose to have my period from the 18-21 of september and its now the 21st. No period. I called my OB he said to wait another week. Its driving me nuts. I wake up after 8 full hours of sleep and im exhausted. My Breasts are very sore, minus the fact that i worked chest at the gym the other day. I last week or the week before had brown spotting that went on for like a day then stopped. I thought i was getting my period, or it was implantation. I just do not want to get to excited. anyone else going through this?!