Hello all,

I am having what I feel like a crossroad in my relationship with my bf of 3 yrs and 5 months. I am 25, he's 26, he is going to school full time to pursue his career, jas a part time job and works for the school to help him pay for his classes, books, etc.., lives with his mom to help her because she's on disability and unable to provide for herself, she helps any way she can. I am working full time and going to school part time, I still live at home w/parents so that im able to do so..we both started off late on our college classes and so we are managing school, work, bills, parents..I hear from my family all the time asking when were getting married and having babies (can be really frustrating, sometimes they do it in front of him knowing that we're not ready yet) I have always wanted a family (of course, what women doesn't, right?) more so because I met my bf, who is the best thing that has ever happened to me, he is sweet, caring, loving, hard worker, good to me, has brought out the best in me, I just love him so much. ..I could go on & on :) we have had this talk before, he feels like he is bringing me down, holding me back from starting that family I've always wanted because he's not able to provide that now and until he finishes his schooling (about another 5 yrs) & I have been helping him and his mom out financially, any way I can, not because he forced me or asked me to, I offered to help, he's appreciative of everything, don't get me wrong....but of course he doesn't feel like a man, that he can't provide for his gf and his mother, that burden has to fall on me because Im helping but I have decided to do so a while back and he says he's noticed that I've been frustrated worrying about money.. he feels that I might not wait around forever to get married and start a family and that there's probably another guy out there that has his life together already and can give that to me... what he doesn't understand is that I don't want anybody else...I will support him, be there for him, because I still want to finish school as well.... he wants me to think about what im giving up or not having at this time if i stay, or what im gaining or losing if i leave....anyone out there been in a similar situation and left? Or stayed? Please no offensive or disrespectful comments, sorry for the long post.