How did your family take the news?

We finally had our 12w scan on Friday, so we told our family on the weekend. They al knew we were having trouble ttc and we're going through <a href="">IVF</a>, so they've all been waiting for the news. 
​We told my boyfriends family at a family BBQ - they were all together so we planned to just take the opportunity. Just before everyone left my boyfriend said 'before you go we've got some news to share'. They all looked at us and when he said 'we're having a baby' they all cheered and clapped. It was so lovely!!! 
​To tell my mum, dad and Aunty and Uncle, we wrote them each a card to give as I knew the words would never come out without me crying. My mum and Aunty cried and my dad was shocked at first but then told everyone that would listen.
​I cried each time! But it's such a releif to have told them and now we can stop lying!!