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As of this morning, our entire community - Glow iOS, Glow <a href="">Nurture</a>, Glow Android - everybody has access to our groups. (If you do not yet, please make sure you have the latest release on your devise.) What does this mean?

It means that we now have specific groups for discussions such that everyone feels that they can quickly and easily get the answers they seek. Here is a small sampling of some of our TTC groups. Please feel free to join as many as you would like:

+ TTC after Miscarriage - This is an incredibly supportive community of women are helping each other cope with the anxiety of being TTC after having dealt with a miscarriage.

+ Assisted Fertility - Yet another supportive sub-community of TTC women who have been on this journey for a while. Great discussions on IUIs, IVFs and so on.

+ Cycle Buddies - THE room to find yourself a cycle buddy. Cycle Buddy discussions can always stay in the cycle buddy room - or you can create your own private Group with your cycle buddies.

+ Chart Analysis - Where we talk about our BBT charts. Very helpful for anyone starting out.

+ Faint Lines - Where anyone can post and discuss their faint lines. This very popular group is a great place to get a second opinion. The main TTC room will no longer allow any faint lines. All faint lines now belong in the faint lines room. Thank you!

+ TTC by age (Under 20, 20s, 30s, 40s) - If you are hungry for conversation with women your age, these groups are where you will find them.

+ TTC Newbies - An introductory group with lots of pinned TTC articles, where no question is off the table.

+ My Journey to Glow - Come read the journey of dozens of women and what led them to Glow. Add your own journey.

We have another 70+ groups that you can join - not to mention the fact that you can also create your own.

Feel overwhelmed? The control of the groups rests in your hands. Simply click the "Leave/Reorder" button in the "My Groups" page and select as many or as few groups as you would like to see.

The point of Glow’s “Group feature” is to let you most easily find and connect with women who are on a similar path and share similar concerns. We will keep improving this feature going forward so that our community continues to thrive.

Thank you, as always, for being such great members of this amazing sisterhood.