Good evening ladies! I need a little bit of advice. 4-5 weeks ago I was admitted to the gynocologist unit at my local hospital as I had severe pelvic pains. After being told for 2 days that I would not be able to have a scan straight away I eventually got one. The scan came up un-conclusive and in the end I got treated for PID ( pelvic inflammatory disease) On Saturday I found out that I pregnant so I went back to the hospital for a scan to make sure baby was in the womb. Turns out I have a cyst on my left ovary which is causing all this pain. Apparently this cyst is there to help support baby until the umbilical cord and placenta has grown. After 6 weeks it will go! Now this is my second pregnancy and I have never heard of this! Has anyone else heard of this or are the hospital trying to fob me off?!