So when I got pregnant in may I knew I was pregnant with all the cramping I had. I just felt different. I had sharp stabbing pain near my left ovarie. Sex hurt my uterus. I had lots of discharge, felt like I was peeing myself. My back hurt and I could not get comfy when I went to bed. I also had migraines. And I was on antibiotics for an unknown throat infection. This time around I got a cold and it went straight to my throat, dumb asthma, I'm having all the problems from the cold, headache, sore body, very tired, but it wasn't until today that I had any similar symptom like in may. Today I've felt like I've had added discharge. Could my cold and being so tired I just didn't notice any? Or was it because that was my first time getting pregnant since my son was born in 2009? I'm only 7DPO but I took a test this morning, I just had to lol!, and it came up negative. I didn't test last time till 10DPO so I have 4 dollar store tests that I'm going to use in the next 4 days lol just to see if I can catch it the soonest possible. I really hope this time was it because my cycles are so weird! In may my cycle was going to be 45 days long cuz I ovulated on CD31, this time I ovulated on CD14!