To leave or not to leave ?

Ive been with the same man for over ten years now! I desperately want to get married but he doesn't seem to even want to talk about it. I feel like what's the point in staying in a relationship forever we need to take the next step now! We have 3 beautiful babies and I can't picture my life without him. I know he feels the same in that aspect he always tells me I've even heard family and friends saying how much he loves me and couldn't imagine being without me. He's loved me since we met in grade seven Almost 20 years ago! It took me a little longer as he was "flirting" like a normal little boy and well it to me seemed mean even though he would ask me out it still appeared me to me. Anyways I have no idea what to do I know he's the love of myofe but I need to get married before I'm to old, theirs family members I want there who are getting older. I've tried talking and explaining my feelings but he doesn'tisten. What would anyone else do in this situation?