Why me!!? - feeling sorry for myself

Nicola • Married. 29 years old. Mmc at 11 weeks July 2015 and mc at 4+3 weeks Nov 2015. Pregnant with baby girl due 30.07.17 ♡♡
Sorry...need to rant! I really want a baby but am on antidepressants and scared of harming my baby. We haven't started ttc yet as ive had to come off one med first and switch to a 'safer' one. The trouble is this new one isn't making me feel better. I thought I would just be able to switch, feel better then try for a baby but nothing is going to plan!! I cry all the time and feel so depressed!!! My husband and I got married in June and wanted to try for a baby shortly after, but that hasn't happened!! I'm so fed up of seeing pregnant people everywhere....out and about, on tv etc and people I know getting pregnant who aren't even maternal etc!! Ive wanted a baby for such a long time...When will it be my turn!!? Things never seem to go right for me...ive had one life struggle after another...major surgry, anxiety, depression, severe acne and I'm now really exhausted with it all and really want life to go right for once!!! Sorry for the rant!!! :'( xxx