I gave in and ordered wondfo LOL

Nira • Wifey.Mommy.Happy
I need to start tracking using OPKs and with my cycle I know I'll need a lot.. So I finally ordered some wondfo from Amazon lol. 
​They should be here Wednesday, I'm going to take a preg test then, and if it's negative I'll probably start using the OPKs then since I don't know when AF could start. 
 My "symptoms" are......
​Slightly crampy
​I had some light brown discharge a week ago on and off for 2 days when I wiped
​I've been nauseous the past 2 days
​My boobs hurt!! 
​So I'm either pregnant or AF is going to show up for the first time since June. (Because of my miscarriage) I'm willing to take either at this point, but obv I would love a bfp ;)