New at this and need advice reading into temps.

I have been tracking my temps(missed a couple days here and there) first month tracking, but been trying since March-April, and I've had a miscarriage last October. I read article after article trying to understand everything I need to. My temps have been pretty consistent and I went to the doc twice this month and got my blood drawn so she could check to make sure I was ovulating. She confirmed I did this month. I made sure my husband had sex on the days I thought I ovulated. My doc thinks it was aug.20 or 21. My temp the last 2 times is a bit higher, not much than normal. My period is supposed to start oct2.  
​I'll post my calendar so everyone can see my temps. Do you think the elevated temps are a sign I could be pregnant or is it just because I'm getting ready to start? Also I'm boobs are killing me. But the last 3 periods I've had sore boobs before my period and never have ever before.