Piper • MMC twins 8 weeks (2008)—stillbirth 33 weeks (Addie 12.3.2012)—MMC 10 weeks (Avery 2014)—rainbow (Charlie 11.29.2014)—stillbirth 33 weeks (Viola 5.19.2018)

Hi mommas, my name is Piper

I had a mmc of twins when I was quite a bit younger.

After my husband and I had been together for a couple of years we decided to start trying for a child, we got pregnant fairly quickly with our daughter Addie. Sadly, she was stillborn at 33weeks in December of 2012. Because we opted not to have an autopsy, we will never truly know what happened to our precious, beautiful angel.

A few months after we laid Addie to rest, my empty arms were too much to bear and I pushed for another child. Once again we got pregnant fairly quickly. After just a few short weeks, we lost our second daughter Avery as well.

My husband and I are currently 29 weeks pregnant with a little boy. Not only our first son, but hopefully our first surviving child as well. I pray constantly that this is our rainbow. We are considered high risk now, and this pregnancy has not only been nerve racking, but physically difficult as well. November can't come soon enough. Just hearing this little man cry will light my life in ways I cannot explain.

Thank you all for reading, I will hold you all in my prayers as well.