Horrible anxiety

Erin • In love with the most amazing man in the world 10.20.12 ❤️
I'm 18 I'm in my second year of college I'm full time and I have no job all that stresses me out on a daily basis when me and my so fight it gets worse and right now I have a pounding migrane and no medication helps I've taken 1600mg of Advil I know it's way too much but it still didn't help I'm over loaded with school work and I need to get a job in having anxiety attacks and the only thing that clams me down and stops my crying and freaking out is my so and at the moment I feel like he's mad at me so it's not helping idk how to handle my anxiety I know people say don't take on so much but if I don't then I won't be able to get a job sooner and I need a job so I can move out because my father is an alcoholic and my mom doesn't do anything to help because she is dealing with health issues