Looking for reassurance

​I am just on 6 weeks today.
​Yesteday and today my slight morning sickness went away and my Boobs aren't as sore,
​I know we are all different, pregnancy is not an illness but I am just worried something is wrong.
​I am also worried about ectopics, I have mild cramping  on my right side but know ectopic can be very painful. I only have one ovary and tube, lost one to a cyst so I am particularly concerned.
​Scan not normally til 10 wks should I ask my Ob for an early one? They tend to worry people too if it's early which is why they don't normally do them.
​It was just that I felt "different" right away and knew I was pregnant before a positive test. So now I am worried I don't feel so "pregnant". Also some mild cramps after eating normal I guess? Thanks