If you're pregnant and never get nauseous...I envy you!

With my first, I was sick all day everyday for 20weeks. I couldn't stand up without throwing up, couldn't go anywhere...lost 12lbs, on meds....tried everything.

Second, was sick until about 16 weeks. Threw up multiple times a day. Lost 11lbs.

Third, sick until about 14 weeks. Not as bad as the others but still terrible. Lost 8 lbs.

This time, im 9w4d and nauseous constantly... throw up at least once a day, sometimes more..im functioning but miserable. Noone understands around me..they just expect me to be my normal self. I have been a couch potato and laying in my bed as much as I can. It gets really depressing. I know there are ladies out there that can relate...and some have it a lot worse than me. I feel for you, and wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Rant over. Blah