Natural Health Care

I am wondering if anyone else on this site is interested in natural options for general health concerns? I have seen a few posts or comments where people have mentioned natural health options for general things (whether they know what they've mentioned is actually a recommended natural health option or just know it as a grandmothers remedy) & have had people entirely dismiss this option, telling them to visit their doctor. My husband is a doctor, so my personal beliefs are a blend between the two philosophies. I like to use natural options, or at least know of them & use them before resorting to western medicine. In first world societies, where the over use of antibiotics & medications create other health problems (this is a fact, & is a major factor as to why many people have developed antibiotic resistance, food intolerances, stomach problems, skin issues & more). I believe it is great to be able to treat the everyday things with natural therapies & when something big & important comes along, of course your doctor is your best friend. In saying that, I also think it's very important to trust your instincts and see a doctor if something doesn't seem right. Are you interested in natural therapies? Do you have much knowledge about natural therapies? Are natural therapies something you already use?