Think you're pregnant? PLEASE READ!

Taco • Just here for the comments...

If you:

1-had unprotected sex at ANY TIME in the past month (after your period, during your period, during your fertile days, during ovulation, etc) or think or know that your SO/partner might have ejaculated inside you

2-are experiencing symptoms

3-are late for that time of the month

4-had your period but it was "different"

5-had your period but are still showing signs of pregnancy

Then: TAKE A HOME PREGNANCY TEST! nobody on this app can tell you if you're pregnant or not, so asking isn't going to do you any good.

After you test, if you:

1-test positive: schedule an appointment with your doctor to confirm. Congratulations...false positives on HPT are rare, so you probably are.

2-test negative and your period comes: you probably aren't, but if you aren't convinced, go to the doctor.

3-test negative, no period, and you still show symptoms: go to the doctor! Something is going on and you might need to find out what.