Nuchal fold screening

Today I am 10wks4days, I've had 2 appointments since finding out I was pregnant. The first being around 4-5 weeks which involved being given phamplets, what to expect, a urine sample and a lot of blood work. My second appointment was a full body physical, pap, and my first sonogram at 8wks1day, my next appointment isn't until October 17th and I'll be 12wks5days then. My insurance is through the military and all I've heard from other people is that Tricare only offers 2 sonograms, the initial one I had at 8 weeks and then another one to find out the gender. You don't get other sonograms unless they find an issue or your having problems. Which brings me to my question...
​If that is the case, when will I be given the Nuchal Fold Screening or any other testing I may want done if I'll be well past the 11 week mark when these tests are recommended?? Has anyone had these tests done after 11 weeks??