Trying to have faith

Goddess • Speaking the truth
I just heard something that encouraged me 
​There's a blessing in this house and it's waiting just for you I'm gonna be next in line cause I want my blessing too. It's a song I heard on face book sung by some kids and pulled at the core of my soul. I'm 29 and I have no one other then you ladies to talk to because no of my friends have this issue I was talking to my hubby about this till I found out he's been talking to his best friend about it. Not that I have an issue with him talking to his best friend I actually encourage it because he needs someone to vent to. I just don't want them to look at me different I always tend to get this feeling people look at me like I'm less then a woman because of my struggle. So I'm just saying I want to be next in line cause I want my blessing to so if you just need a little pick me up check out the song so for right now I'm just to trust and believe have faith that I will be blessed