Tired of pseudo symptoms and hope

Lisa • Married for 4 years and together for 9. TTC #1. Diagnosed male factor infertility. Struggling but still hopeful.
So I'm on day 23 of what is normally a 28-29 day cycle and I feel miserably nauseated and gassy.  I ovulated day 14 of the cycle, and while I know it's too soon to test, I did so anyway...3 times, all negative obviously.  I'm so tired of my PMS symptoms mimicking pregnancy symptoms and getting my hopes up for yet another depressing blow.  This month is my husband's birthday and I want nothing more than to give him a BFP as a gift.  Anybody else feel like this journey is making them miserable.  I know this should be a happy and exciting process, so why doesn't it feel that way?  And why does it seem so effortless for everyone else?