TTC for baby #1

I have been TTC for 7 months now with baby #1. For the last two months, I don't know if I can be or not. The month before the last, I was late and I took a test and it came back negative, but I didn't have my usual period at all. It was very light and brown but I did have severe cramps. Last month on my period, I was very late. So I decided to take a test and it had a dark line with a slight other line. Positive maybe? Then I had discharge, very mucousnly. And I "started my period" (which I don't know if it was my period or spotting) and I didn't have any cramps at all. I took a test and and I got a BFN. This month.... I'm a week late on my period. I'm bloated and I started to get stretch marks on my "love handles" witch is a first. I took a test and I took it early and it came back negative. I'm scared to get home and take another test because I don't want it to come back negative. What did I do???