No feeling??? What's wrong with me?

I've struggled with anxiety and depression the past couple years which has really interfered with my social life. However, I'm better now and am 17 and have just started dating my first boyfriend. He's so patient, gentle, and caring with me. He respects my past and I love him for that. I could not be luckier to have him in my life. Two months after dating we had our first kiss, which I know is kind of late compared to the norm, but we wanted to take things slow. Its been 5 months and just last night we had a long make-out session. Is it just me, or do movies/books/songs/etc over-embellish kissing? To be honest its not that pleasurable for me and I find more joy just when my boyfriend holds me, hugs me, etc. I'm expecting there to be fireworks in my mind or something, or for my skin to tingle, or for my stomach to have butterflies.....but its like I just don't. Is there a reason why I just don't feel anything from it? At first I thought it was my anxiety issues, but I thought I was over my problem and just thinking that it could still be hindering me is driving me crazy. Then I thought maybe Im just a bad kisser? But lets just say I know my boyfriend gets turned on.... Hearing my friends talk, it seems like everything my boyfriend does (how he strokes my face, combs my hair, etc) would drive any normal girl crazy. I love my boyfriend and I'm just so confused why Im not connecting with him physically. Please help.

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