Late period negative test stories?

Amber • TTC #2 after ectopic rupture and left side ovary and tube loss

Anyone have any latr period negative test stories.. I am super late.. all test negative. Dr wants me to try provera because at the last appointment, she said my lining was very thick. Since then she called and asked if I had started.. told her no.. so she called me in provera.. But I am worried about taking it.. they have not done any pregnancy test of me.. I have never not had one show up on a hpt.. but my sister NEVER had a positive on a hpt and only positive blood. Ugh.. I am just trying to let nature take its course.. but heck if i am not, then wish she would rear her ugly head so I can try for next month. And when I say late.. I am 19 days late. And I only had a day of spotting (not enough for a pad) at 4 weeks.

Just trying to keep my head calm! Lol thanks in advance.