Am I a bad girlfriend?

So I've been really busy with work. My work is done from home. Now my fiancé lives about 30 minutes away on a military base. I've been super busy so I haven't been able to see him as much. I still go to school a few days a week and it's only a few minutes from where he lives but I saw haven't taken the time out to go see him.  I know he understands I'm really busy and will be for about a month. I still feel kind of bad though because I'm an industry where most of my friends and everybody that I hang out with are guys. Strictly platonic. I know that he knows I talk to them in person more than I talk to him. He says he's okay with it but I'm not really sure. Does it mean that I'm a bad girlfriend since I don't really get to see him all that much because I'm always busy working and I don't actually take the time from working to go visit?