Please help! Ovulation and insemination question.

Deidra • My wife and I are ttc our second baby through artificial insemination at home using a known donor

Ok. So my wife and I are ttc using artificial insemination using a known donor. We planned to inseminate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week because this is when glow suggested.

I have been using opk's for 2 weeks now. Starting on Monday the test was only 2 seconds away from being as dark as the control line. And was the same for Tuesday. Well today (Wednesday) I got a positive! (Picture below). But the donor said he wasn't able to donate today for whatever reason but he could tomorrow. Will tomorrow be to late?

I plan to test again tomorrow and hope for another lh surge! But here is my question. If I test again tomorrow and get a negative opk, should I still inseminate or will it be a waste?

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