Blues about an ex

Hey everyone I need some advice I was w. A guy for about four years met him when I was 15 we were inseparable we basically lived together and I had my first child by him she passed and that's when things went down hill for us. We had some trust issues and to make a long story short he broke up w. Me. I have become a stronger and better person because of the things we went through but I miss him dearly. We were still talking even after we broke up....but then he found someone else someone 20 years older than him. He used to come see me and we would talk but finally all ties were cut off the last thing he said to me was tht he missed and loved me. I recently ran into at a mutual friends wedding and all the same emotions came back we did not speak because I have to much pride but he smiled at me. And continued to stare at me through out the duration of the wedding. I don't know what to do I want to just talk to him because I didn't just loose a lover but a bestfriend too it's been a year now I have dated other ppl and even been w. Another guy. Idk just looking for advice.