Canceled ivf cycle prior to egg retrieval

Hi all, I started my first IVF cycle on Sept 22nd and I was on a short antagonist protocol using Ganirelix. I was on BC for 2 weeks and started Menopur and Follistim for about 7 days. I had scans and blood work on 5th and 7th day. The first scan confirmed that the hormones levels were within the expected range and follicles were plenty. And I was told to start Ganirelix. I did so for two days. The scan on 7th still showed follicles but blood work came back with high progesterone. My nurse told me that Ganirelix didn't work and that I started ovulating on my own. She said the level was 0.7 on 5th day scan and had gone up. I was told that I needed to discontinue all my medications for a weeks until they do another US and start with Lupron protocol. Has this happened to anyone or Heard if this? I can't believe I wasted so much medications for nothing. And now I hve to spend even more money for Lupron etc. I was prepared if things went bad following egg retrieval but  would consider this part the easiest. Do you think they didn't monitor me well? Any help is appreciated. Thank you :)